Le Marche’s renaissance history

…“here all the cities are capitals and have not that provincial tone of secondary cities of other kingdoms.” (Byron)

Le Marche is the birthplace of The Renaissance where Piero della Francesco, Crivelli and Raphael were born and worked in this finest region of Italy.

There is nothing sweeter than stumbling across an example of one the finest painter’s work in his natural setting off the beaten track. Whether it is housed in the oldest modern town in the world, Urbino or in an ancient farmer’s cottage in the Sibillini Mountains the impact is breath-taking. This is why those in the know during the Romantic period such as Byron came to Le Marche on their classic journeys to pay homage to wonders of the Early Renaissance.

When you see the rich colours of this landscape melt into the paintings from this period one can really appreciate where the modern palette with its ochres, umbers and siennas developed from. It’s in the earth. Look at the Gallery to see images of some of the classical work of art to be found here in Le Marche.